La Cucina Amalfitana

The Amalfi Coast has long been one of my favourite regions of Italy, not only for it’s spectacular natural beauty but also for the delicious food.

Most of the family run restaurants on the coast and in particular in the villages of Ravello and neighbouring Scala, cultivate their very own ‘Orto’ (kitchen garden) with organic vegetables and herbs that flourish in the rich, fertile soil and nurtured under warm Mediterranean sunshine.

The freshly hand-picked ingredients infuse mouth watering flavours, aromas and colours into centuries old recipes.

This combined with the warm, open hospitality of the locals, makes dining on the coast one of the most enjoyable pleasures one can experience in life.

I shot these photos in the kitchen of Villa Giuseppina in Scala with master chef Giovanni Cioffi, using freshly hand-picked ingredients with fresh local produce and seafood.

Buon appetito!

Words and Photos © Susan Wright

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