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Italian Artisans – Glass blowers of Murano

I recently ventured to the beautiful island of Murano to meet and photograph master glass blowers and discover the intriguing and secretive world of this fascinating, ancient craft. Continue reading.


Made in Naples

Bold and vibrant Naples in Italy’s south, is synonymous with great pizza but unfortunately, also for corruption and pollution.

Surprisingly the city is also a thriving hub for Italy’s manufacturing and industry.

Nestled on richly fertile land beneath the imposing Mount Vesuvius, Naples is a haven for expert craftsmanship and manufacturing. Continue reading.

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Rome in Monochrome

When I think of beautiful black and white images of cityscapes and urban street scenes, Paris is the city that immediately comes to mind. The eloquent lines, textures and architectural forms, beautifully enhanced in monochromatic tones.

Rome on the other hand, for me, is a bold statement and expression of colours; indicative of the city’s vibrant personality and rich character-filled city streets and districts. Continue reading.

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New Book Release – ‘Rome Secrets’

Rome Secrets_Cvr_Website


It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my new book, ‘Rome Secrets: Cuisine, Culture, Vistas, Piazzas’.

Ten years ago, I packed my suitcase and bags of photographic equipment and bought a one-way ticket to Rome, Italy.

I am often asked why I left the golden, sunny shores of Australia to move to Italy, to a completely different culture and way of life and to a country so steeped in tradition.  Mostly, people assume it was for love – for a charming Italian man.

The truth is – it was for love!  Love for a city, a country and a culture, that have captivated and intrigued my imagination. Continue reading.

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Rome – Artisans of the Monti district

Wander the narrow backstreets of Rome’s Monti district and discover a new breed of talented, female artisans, creating innovative, contemporary designs from ancient, artisanal techniques. Continue reading.

Chef Riccardo di Giacinto, Rome Italy

Rome’s newest rooftop restaurant, 0-300°

One of the trendiest hotels in Rome has opened a gourmet rarity – an Italian restaurant that doesn’t serve pasta. 0-300° Cold and Grill will be gracing the rooftops of The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma near Piazza del Popolo, which boasts one of the most panoramic terraces in the whole city, taking in the dome of St. Peter’s on one side and the towers of Trinità dei Monti and the French Academy on the other. Continue reading.

Bignè, St Joseph's Day, Rome, Italy

Bignè – Celebrating Saint Joseph’s Day in Rome

An awful lot of saints are celebrated in Italy. They have almost twice as many bank holidays as their European neighbours, despite the fact that a number of festivals have since been done away with, returning to the status of feriali (work days). San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s Day) on March 19th, is one of those lost holy days which still gets plenty of attention, however, thanks to a peculiar culinary tradition. March 19th is the day when you eat the bignè di San Giuseppe, cloud-like puffs of fried dough, piped full with custard or ricotta.  Continue reading.

Altra Domenica markets, Rome, Italy

Rome – Organic Markets

Rome is famous for it’s historic markets, yet there are several organic markets (biomercarti) a little off the beaten tourist track, that offer the best produce and authentic hospitality of the local farmers and producers. Continue reading.


Rome – Sweet Seduction

If you have a sugar craving the next time you are in Rome, be sure to drop by ‘Cristalli di Zucchero’  in Via di San Teodoro, for the most delicious dolce in town.

Here are just a few mouth watering delights to tempt you!

Buon appetito! Continue reading.

Portrait - Giuseppe Quintarelli, Amarone wines

Italian Portraits

Italy and the Italian culture is such an endless and rich source of inspiration for my photography.  In all of my travels across this remarkable country, it is by far the people and characters that I have met that have captivated my imagination the most.

Here below are just a few of my favourite portraits. Continue reading.

Hotel Hassler, Rome, Italy

Rome; Top Hotels

Photos from a recent shoot at the luxurious Hotel Hassler, Imago Restaurant and the Spanish Steps in Rome, for Virtuoso Life magazine.

The 95 room Hotel Hassler is one of Rome’s top 5 star hotels, situated in the fashionable Spanish Steps district. Continue reading.


Amalfi Coast’s Miracle Fruit

The Unesco World Heritage listed Amalfi Coast, is famous the world over for it’s spectacular coastline, with it’s picturesque, ancient villages, clinging to dramatic mountain slopes that plunge into the crystal clear, seductive waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Continue reading.


La Cucina Amalfitana

The Amalfi Coast has long been one of my favourite regions of Italy, not only for it’s spectacular natural beauty but also for the delicious food.

Most of the family run restaurants on the coast and in particular in the villages of Ravello and neighbouring Scala, cultivate their very own ‘Orto’ (kitchen garden) with organic vegetables and herbs that flourish in the rich, fertile soil and nurtured under warm Mediterranean sunshine. Continue reading.

Venetian Mask Makers_Pages1&2

Venetian Mask Makers

Walking along the back alleys and enchanting piazzas of Venice, it is easy to imagine this mesmerizing city in the days of the elaborate Renaissance and the extravagant celebrations of the lavish Carnivale. Continue reading.


Beauty and the Baglio – Women of Sicilian Wine

Ginevra Notarbartolo is an inspiring young woman. At just 32 years of age, she is following in the footsteps of her famous grandfather, acclaimed wine-producer, Count Paolo Marzotto, at the family’s Sicilian vineyard, Baglio di Pianetto, south of Palermo. Continue reading.